2014년 1월 27일 월요일

Review on Tuesday to Friday, 21st to 24th, January, 2014

From Tuesday to Friday, there was nothing much. I did the demonstration class for the first out of eleven teachers on Tuesday, and it was not bad. I was nervous at the beginning, but I think I didn't do that bad.

In the afternoon, Bob leaded us to discuss about climate change and global warming. There were lots of fallacies and now I got confused with all those arguments.

On Wednesday, I watched other teachers' class in bad condition. I drank a lot the day before(Tuesday), and the hangover was the worst ever. However, I felt great to meet the teachers.

In the afternoon, Noel showed us some interesting movie clips like got talent or idol... kkk


Brad gave us five choices. Most of them gave us lots of freedom. We chose the second and some of them went out for getting feedback on our demonstration class.

Denis gave me always good feedback. However, I should be careful of not missing visual things and fluency.

In the afternoon, Jeff asked us to record a kind of "time capsule". He looked so excited to make this one. I think that is his big talent: making mood very dramatic with only his voice and acting.

Anyway, Sorry for Jeff, but I don't think I am going to listen the recording now or the time. I already have what I need. I already have all beautiful memories and souvenirs. I don't have to add to them. I don't have to have all.

Friday, there was the Closing Ceremony. Unexpectedly, I got the prize for the best scored person! That was a real amazing and I was totally surprised! I was so happy that my work finally got admitted by others. There was a gift card, but I liked more the certificate itself. Really, Seriously.

Six months... It was long and short. I feel 시원 섭섭. I don't know how to say this in English.

2014년 1월 21일 화요일

Review on Monday, January 20th, 2014, drizzle - clear later.

In the morning, it was prep time. I just surf the internet and then, check some part of my lesson plan.

In the afternoon, I took the final test. It consisted of writing, reading, and listening. It was not that difficult but I am not sure that I did well. It was little fun to listen to the audio because one of the voice was Dr.Schwab's. haha.

In the evening, I went to see "Frozen" again. I saw this already on Saturday in 3D. Today, it was in 2D. I love Disney's movies and this is one of the best.

The movie focuses on 'true love'. However, it doesn't focus on merely love between a couple. Rather, it shows love of family. I like this part. Love in the movie doesn't need to be love for the only one.

Anyway, I love the song. Before seeing the movie, I didn't like the song much. It sounded too strong for me.

Watching the movie, I could see the character "Elsa." She is beautiful and was born with the magical power which gets stronger. At first, she looks so afraid of using the power because of her mistake. She was so scared of her power.

Here, in the song, she becomes free and strong. Although she is alone in the castle, she is now free to use her power and feel free to test her limit. I was so thrilled to see she change the attitude.

I may go to see this movie again. :) The movie is filled with lots of lovely songs and lovely characters.

2014년 1월 20일 월요일

Review on Friday, January 17, 2014

Speaking and Interactive Communication
Poor Jeff, poor other professors. Teachers wanted to take time to prepare the lesson plan, and Jeff gave us one hour. hm... We act like students we teach and we blame. 
Anyway, I like the paper Jeff gave us yesterday, about my fortune. It was very detailed and I thought it matched with my character a lot. haha. I believe some fortune tellers and usually take good things only from there prophecy. I don't think they are bad and we must eradicate them. They are the part of our culture. You just be careful to take their advice. That's all.

Extensive Reading
I watched "Hang Over" and... I don't know why people love this movie a lot. It was filled with all filthy things. Do the men do like this when they have bachelor's party? Not everyone, but some of them. That was disgusting. 

Classroom Strategies and Techniques
Denis was right. Although I don't like mnemonics, I should teach this to my students. 
I'm not sure I am passionate to teach because I know myself during the semester. However, Thank you for saying that.

This was the technical last week of this program. Next week, I only have presentations... I'm so sorry and sad I spent this month like this.. I wish I could had have some useful time besides prep time...

Review on Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Teaching Culture in the English Classroom
Head Start again. It was the so interesting subject but also very gloomy. If there is a gap between students and schools never fix it, why we are here and teach them? I hope we make difference everyday. I hope there are lots of exceptions we can change.

And Rob gave us one hour to prepare the lesson plan. Don't we have too much time...?

Prep time for presentation
Almost finished my work. Worked with Dr.Schwab.

Class Administration and Students Counseling
Talk about stress.
When Dongwoo asked me about stress about caused by family specifically, I couldn't do anything but hesitate. It is so private. I don't mind telling it but to some people like him, it is little hard. He and I know each other little. Also, it was group talking time, so I didn't want to make my private public.

Anyway, thank you Jeff. You are right. We are teachers and we don't have to have 20 hours to prepare.-_- Especially all of us know it won't be included to our scores. 

2014년 1월 16일 목요일

What do I want to do?

What do I want to do?

1. Study more.
 - English, German, Some philosophies, politics, teaching, etc..
2. Work hard.
3. Take my time to travel.
4. Go skiing. (Is there anyone who go with me?)
5. Rest.
6. Clean my room.
7. Read all the book I have bought but not read.
8. Run!!!! I should run!
9. Finish this program.
10. Keep in tough with GOOD people.
11. Focus on the program. 
12. Not focus on the terrible teacher in my school.
13. Do my best.
14. Ride a bike.
15. Cry, alone.
16. Meet new nice people.
17. Spend my time with my close friends.
18. Go to USA and take part in my friends' wedding. 
19. Hug my students, all.
20. Lose some/a lot of weight. maybe 10 kg? kkkk
21. Research on study abroad with government money. ;D
22. Watch movies: The lawyer, 도망자?, Frozen, etc...
23. Watch dramas: Korean dramas, American dramas, British dramas...
24. Being lazy.
25. Eat real nice tasty food and beer. lol.
etc, etc, etc...

So dry here, the office! My eyes are dry too much!

Review on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014, sunny and cold

1. Speaking and Interactive Communication
  We talked about boys, date and marriage. I ended up with the fact that I may not get married soon. I want to study more and I like my job. I want to focus more. However, I don't think guys who expect to get married soon like me. They usually want me to support him, not did they will support me. That are the usual men. I should find someone unusual or someone abroad? hahaha. Also, I don't want to leave my mom alone on the big holidays. If I should do, I will do the same thing to my parents in law. Sounds cruel and silly, huh? However, that will happen if I get married and my sister does. We have no brothers. Parents who have sons expect them to visit them not them to visit their wives' parents. Nowadays, it changes a lot. However, many daughters visit their parents before the big holiday or after the holiday not on the day.

Men change a little later than women do. He always wanted my family to stay with his family all the holidays not with mom's family. He insisted that she should be part of his family and not of her family at all.

It is very gloomy. I must have seen too much things when I was young. I should have seen only beautiful things, which could make me more positive about marriage.

2. Extensive Reading
Today, Noel didn't disrupt me during reading time. haha. However, I felt so tired so I just tried small rest. I was absent yesterday for stomachache. I didn't get well much. Anyway, I could have lunch with other teachers and Noel. It was not bad.

3. Overseas Culmination
Just on my work, presentation....demonstration class.
I got lots of correction from Dr.Schwab. Oh.... I lost my confidence to do my work.

After all the class, I ate Milmyeon in a restaurant. It was totally wrong choice... I risked myself getting stomachache again to eat but it wasn't worth eating. It was too sweet..T-T
But it was good to hang around in Lzone. I may have new friend from Russia, although he wasn't good at English at all. However, he looked glad when I talked to him first. He looked lonely. I should go tomorrow, again.

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014. Absent

I was sick all day long. When I decided not to go to class, I thought about going to the orthodontist (I call her doctor but...) to check my braces (there is a broken part again after only one day fixing!), but I couldn't move much. From the dawn, before morning, I finished my report and sent it to Nora. From time to time, I threw up several times, even after drinking water. Then I was just knocked down. What happened to me? I am healthy.

Maybe I overworked a littler bit.

However, I was happy to finish my work with 90% of my honesty on my opinion.